Thursday, May 31, 2007


The Foundry Field Recordings are on a cool mini West Coast jaunt before their big summer July/August Tour. Be sure to catch them if you are lucky enough to be in OR, CA or Tejas in the next two weeks ...

Here is a wicked pic of FFR's Becky Baxter from the Boise show - many thanks to Phunkshine! for the rad photos, and for coming out to the show!!!

In other news fit to print, The new Fallout Stations EP (Out in stores this upcoming Tuesday!) is getting some great early press ... such as seen on the Filter Mag Website:

"The EP’s closing track, "Transistor Kids,” shows great musical range for the Missouri foursome. Following one minute of a beautiful and delicate piano solo, the song moves into indie rock haven territory talking of transistor kids contemplating the personalities of electric harmonies. Stepping into stride, the tune closes out with the inviting fuzzed out guitars of shoegaze-pop. Check out the song below, and grab the EP next month to hear more."

| “Transistor Kids” MP3 |

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