Thursday, May 31, 2007


The Foundry Field Recordings are on a cool mini West Coast jaunt before their big summer July/August Tour. Be sure to catch them if you are lucky enough to be in OR, CA or Tejas in the next two weeks ...

Here is a wicked pic of FFR's Becky Baxter from the Boise show - many thanks to Phunkshine! for the rad photos, and for coming out to the show!!!

In other news fit to print, The new Fallout Stations EP (Out in stores this upcoming Tuesday!) is getting some great early press ... such as seen on the Filter Mag Website:

"The EP’s closing track, "Transistor Kids,” shows great musical range for the Missouri foursome. Following one minute of a beautiful and delicate piano solo, the song moves into indie rock haven territory talking of transistor kids contemplating the personalities of electric harmonies. Stepping into stride, the tune closes out with the inviting fuzzed out guitars of shoegaze-pop. Check out the song below, and grab the EP next month to hear more."

| “Transistor Kids” MP3 |

Sunday, May 27, 2007


The recording of the new full-length album awesomely titled, "HOT SHOULDERS," from BALD EAGLE is officially in the bag, and sweet sweet music to your future ears. A tentative nation-wide store invasion date has been set for August 21st 2007. (Vinyl goodness + CDs will be available then.)

Not ones to skimp on rather nifty track titles either ... get ready rock your face off to these killer modern-day classics:

1. Those Are Cobras, Man
2. Jammin The Wedge
3. Sharks Are Fucked Up
4. Rodents Of Unusual Size
5. The Lunch Helicopter
6. Lemon Lime Be On Time
7. Trans Dyn - O - Myte
8. Shady Creepers
9. We. Have. You. Did.
10. Stompin Up The Stairs (With My Moustache On)
11. What's All This Brew Ha- Ha?

[If you can't wait, they are doing a ton of Midwest dates throughout the summer.]

Friday, May 25, 2007


Sean over at DAYTROTTER does some of the best, most thoughtful writing we are blessed to focus our peepers on each week ... And as most people know, the whole Daytrotter crew are just amazing folks in general. They admirably keep with a motto of fostering artists and championing a positive vibe within the indie music community! (Which is super cool in our book.)

We were floored to get a chance for FFR to spend some time with them in Austin at SXSW in the temperamental Sound Team recording studio!

This FFR feature is what resulted from everyone's hard work and patience! (From a touch and go kind of night where everything electrical in the studio went crazy and everyone's festival sleep dep set in ... and truly tested the limits of the grand idea of the marathon recording sessions!) Truly the end result made us blush and took us all to a happy place. (It's nice when you can feel how much a person really listens to someone and truly cares about music through their writing ... and strives to uncover the hidden stories behind the songs.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We are very happy to announce the brand new partnership between The Foundry Field Recordings and The Nicodemus Agency. [Home to such bands as, Shapes and Sizes, Maserati, Canada, Decibully, Headlights, and Husky Rescue ... to name but a few on their great roster.]

If you would like to book The Foundry Field Recordings please feel free to contact: