Sunday, May 27, 2007


The recording of the new full-length album awesomely titled, "HOT SHOULDERS," from BALD EAGLE is officially in the bag, and sweet sweet music to your future ears. A tentative nation-wide store invasion date has been set for August 21st 2007. (Vinyl goodness + CDs will be available then.)

Not ones to skimp on rather nifty track titles either ... get ready rock your face off to these killer modern-day classics:

1. Those Are Cobras, Man
2. Jammin The Wedge
3. Sharks Are Fucked Up
4. Rodents Of Unusual Size
5. The Lunch Helicopter
6. Lemon Lime Be On Time
7. Trans Dyn - O - Myte
8. Shady Creepers
9. We. Have. You. Did.
10. Stompin Up The Stairs (With My Moustache On)
11. What's All This Brew Ha- Ha?

[If you can't wait, they are doing a ton of Midwest dates throughout the summer.]

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