Tuesday, January 29, 2008


After filling our office, homes, cars, and headphones with their music, we coul no longer keep them to ourselves. We are happy to introduce Sinkane and Gentleman Auction House to our family of artists! Look for their albums nationwide in April and May respectively.

Ahmed Gallab is the brainchild behind Sinkane. Born from the ashes of his work in various bands in Columbus, OH, Gallab provides a mix and meld of pop and jazz influences that create a melodic drone over an uneasy landscape stacked with reversing guitars, wall of sound keys, mounting percussion, sliding horns and distant intermittent vocals in four movements. For his live set he arranges and composes for three to eleven pieces. Sinkane will be hitting the road shortly after their release "color voice" hits stores in April 2008.

With a seven-member attack on the pop formula, Gentleman Auction House comes to us 125 miles east of our office. Armed with an arsenal of guitars, horns, keys, and multiple percussionists, GAH brings a wall of pop arrangements. For the past two years the group has become one of the must-see acts in St. Louis, MO and the rest of the Midwest. Now, after touring and performing at Tape-OP and SxSW 07 festivals in support of their self-released EP "The Rules were Handed Down", GAH is ready to bring you their first full length album. Look for "Alphabet Graveyard" in late May 2008 as well as their upcoming tour dates including SxSW 08 showcases.