Monday, March 26, 2007


Bald Eagle loads up the van this week, and won't stop until they hit WI! They are going up to record the follow-up to the wicked crazy, "Bacon and Eggs, Dear!" Again they are calling in the talented engineering skills of Shane Hochstetler from the band Call Me Lightning!

(CML also has an awesome new record out on FrenchKiss and you should go get it.)

Until then ... here's some video of the Eagle:

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Thank you to everyone who came out and saw The Foundry Field Recordings play at SXSW! (Thanks to Sambot for this great photo from IODA's opening day bash, too!)

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for FFR's in-studio on XMU and Daytrotter tracks recorded live during the festival.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Columbia, MO collective Emergency Umbrella Records and are pleased to announce an exclusive download-only digital release for The Foundry Field Recordings off their forthcoming EP Fallout Stations.

This exclusive feature has only been offered to a handful of other bands previously including Deerhoof, Beirut and The Detachment Kit, so this is very exciting news for the band! (And it was the #9 best selling item at Insound for the week of 03/12!)

You can hear, "Transistor Kids," on of the new songs on The Foundry's MySpace. For a two week period only, you can download the following three tracks exclusively at

These songs will not be available again until the release of their 6-song Fallout Stations EP, out June 5th. The full EP/companion to Prompts/Miscues will also have two other songs.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


"Mastery of the Steel takes an original approach to rock music, and it gives new meaning to the concept of a timeless album." - Vox Magazine

"Mastery of the Steel is Columbia, MO cult rockers Witch's Hat's first album. Overall, the album successfully tames the snarling hellbeast that is the band's live shows onto record." - Sno-Cone Magazine

Following the recent success of The Foundry Field Recordings' album "Prompts/Miscues," and a sweet national distribution deal with the famed Alternative Distribution Alliance, (ADA), Emergency Umbrella Records is proud to announce the national debut release from the Adventure Rock band Witch's Hat on April 10th 2007.

Undeniably epic, somewhere between Iron Maiden and dance punk, Witch’s Hat brings forth its own signature brand of mountainclimbing-alien-vampire-dragon-octopus-robot-induced Adventure Rock. Not unlike Andrew WK, Tenacious D, Dragonforce, or Journey, Witch's Hat's "Mastery of the Steel" creates intimate visions of ancient and future worlds and boldly slays the line between darkly menacing and delightfully playful - with only the slightest hint of irony.

For instance, “Huzzah,” is an invigorating tale of a young medieval hero determined to save the virgin princess, where as, “Glodyany 1972,” is a haunting narrative of a vampire hunted by angry torch wielding towns-people. Also included in the album are
a few straight-ahead dance floor gems like, “Supply and Demand.” This particular song utilizes a simple truth chorus by pointing out how, “the law of supply and demand holds true: You supply the love - I demand it from you.”

Such mythos and bravado are obviously atypical song fodder, and Witch’s Hat revel in their glorious over the top whimsy raid. [This cheeky character trait becomes even more apparent at the ultratheatrical live shows - which revive the much missed and lamented role of the front-man as entertainer first and foremost.

The record’s true strength lies in its clever lyrics and detailed compositions, which are expertly arranged and demand a serious listen far beyond the fantasy-laden subject matter. The characters are built with a narrator’s expertise so that one can’t help but feel the emotion in each story. Mastery of the Steel takes an original
approach to rock music, and it gives new meaning to the concept of a timeless album.

To date, Witch's Hat have performed w/ the likes of Aqueduct, Vive Voce, The Paper Chase , Earl Greyhound, Bobby Conn, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and more.

Watch "Huzzah" Live @ The Blue Note

"Mastery of the Steel" Track Listing:
01. Bomb Squad
02. WWVI
03. Octopus
04. Popsicles
05 . Mountain Climber
06. Space Baby
07. Supply and Demand
08. Huzzah
09. Dance Machine
10. Glodyany, 1972

Witch's Hat Live:
Mar 1 2007 Eastside Tavern Columbia, Missouri
Mar 16 2007 Blue Fugue Columbia, Missouri
Mar 28 2007 Mojo's Columbia, Missouri
Mar 30 2007 Jackpot Saloon Lawrence, Kansas
Apr 1 2007 Goofy Foot Omaha, Nebraska
Apr 4 2007 Hall Mall Iowa City, Iowa
Apr 5 2007 TBA Minneapolis, Minnesota
Apr 6 2007 Riverwest Commons Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Apr 7 2007 Klinic Bar Madison, Wisconsin
Apr 12 2007 Gojangle 1 Chicago, Illinois
Apr 19 2007 Arlene's Grocery New York, New York
+ US Tour Coming Soon!

For more information, visit: