Tuesday, August 28, 2007


...these dudes aren't just the flaming-guitar wielding, dead-baby joke-telling, pizza-jamming guys they appear to be." - Mary Nguyen (GO! MAGAZINE)

"Think fuzzed out bass guitar, sloppy drums, high-energy guitar antics and all the '70s rock influences you can possibly muster up in 30 seconds (AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Who) then remove the classy vocals and add some grating rawk-star lungs and you've got Bald Eagle." - Brian (QCLA INDEPENDENT)

"At times they come across sounding like Fugazi gone pop, which is a great thing in my opinion." - Jared Murdock (DECOYMUSIC.COM)

"The main reason for my enthusiasm is that this Columbia, Missouri quartet writes songs so infectious they seem to invade your central nervous system." - Tony Sclafani (POPMATTERS.COM)

"A throbbing rhythm section! Funkalicious rock n' roll riffs! Active, scratching-at-the-throat lead vocals! And a rough recording job to match it all! Woo! This is the stuff BALD EAGLE is made of and puts to use on Hot Shoulders, the band's latest release for Emergency Umbrella." - Corey Schmidt (PASTEPUNK.COM)

"It jams and jams until you think you can't jam anymore, then you jam some more." - Lauren Mooney (URB MAGAZINE)